Jiaoxi Prince Hotel is located at the heart of Jiaoxi hot spring, next to Provincial Highway No. 9. With different hot spring suites, sodium bicarbonate hot spring is provided within the rooms for 24 hrs. At the first floor, there’s a SPA center with SPA experts. In cooperation with the Japanese technologies, the diverse therapies have been delicately planned. After enjoying your SPA treatment, there’s a cultural square at the fourth floor with the records of the historical origins of the hot springs and the Kavalan culture – the best accommodation with leisure and SPA treatments.


Prince Hotel provides a tranquil space with cozy furnishings. At the moment you step into the hotel, you can immediately feel the comfy and leisure atmosphere. The elegant and exquisite hot spring suites allow you to soothe your busy daily rhythm and release all the fatigue from the journey. Within this environment, you’ll be fully relaxed! You are welcome to experience such memorable graceful life style.


From the moment you step into the hotel, you’ll feel the warm atmosphere as to compose a page of beauty in your diary. Just put aside all the restraints and wipe out the dust of your heart. Join the programs that we provide for you, so you can enjoy to the maximum. Allow this beautiful memory to reside within your heart.