SPA Center
  • The water of “Chiaohsi Hot Spring” from The Hot Spring SPA Center includes sodium bicarbonate as well as other chemical components, such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and carbonate ions. The concentration of hydrogen ions is pH 7.8. The water quality is pure and clean without any odor or the irritating smell of sulfur. Apart from Italy, Taiwan is the other place with this rarely seen hot springs at the plains. “Kilin Prince Hotel” is located at the heart of the city, enjoying the abundance of the water which is extracted directly under the ground. It is not necessary to heat it as the water temperature is just around 55~60oC. As we have recruited water therapists and work in line with the Japanese technology, an excellent SPA Center is established at the first floor. For our honorary guests who love hot spring water therapies, we offer you the best leisure location and sincerely welcome your visit!
Exclusive ice pillow
  • Ice pillow with patented design allows a cooling effect of 5~10oC, easing the blood pressure for being immersed in the hot spring and allowing comfortable and awakening effects.
Facilities and functions
  • Waterfall: The waterfall soothes the muscle sores and releases the fatigue of the different parts of the body.
  • Bubble massage chair: Lying on the ergonomically designed bubble chair, the air is emitted from the tiny pores, massaging the back and the hips.
  • Acupoint jacuzzi: Power jets are installed at the inner walls of the tub, massaging the acupoints below the waist.
  • Waterfall shower: the pressure of the natural water falling hit over the upper torso, reaching the effect of zen meditation.
  • Hitting shower: From up to down, the different parts and acupoints of the upper torso are being hit by the water, relieving the soreness of the shoulder and the neck, relaxing the meridian lines of the upper torso, and releasing the fatigue.
  • Spring bath: the powerful spring water from the bottom creates the revolving effect, for an enjoyable ultrasonic bubble massage.
Hot spring cabin
  • The independently designed hot spring cabins aim to provide our guests some privacy with natural stone tubs with the so called “the beauty’s spring”, the sodium bicarbonate hot spring water. it can cleanse your skin, reactivate its metabolism and the freshness after enjoying the bath is not comparable with the other types of hot springs.
  • A buffet breakfast with Western and Chinese dishes. The Cook has integrated the local Yilan ingredients into the cuisine, providing you a full-day energy. Being at the lohas dining space, you may relax and enjoy the leisure time as you wish.